Turn reviews into new listings

Reviews help you get found when sellers search for an agent. Join over 14,600 CRMLS users collecting reviews.

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The CRMLS preferred review platform

First impressions matter. If you're not showing up when sellers search for an agent, you could be missing out on new clients.

Why use RateMyAgent?

Reviews made simple

Get 2.5x more reviews back from your clients with no sign-ups required*.

Cut down on admin time with our powerful automation features.

Manage review requests, listings and more all from your personal dashboard.

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Be found first on Google

Build your credibility by displaying all your client reviews on your Google Business Profile.

See your team at the top of the search page, thanks to verified, transaction-based reviews.

Never worry about SEO again – we’ll take care of everything behind the scenes.

Share your reviews on Realtor.com®

Tap into the 86 million users who visit Realtor.com® every month.

Build your personal brand by sharing your RateMyAgent reviews to your Realtor® profile.

Show your credibility by displaying your RateMyAgent verified budget on your profile.

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Easy review management with our Skyslope Integration

No need to learn a new system – our integration blends in with Skyslope seamlessly.

Save time and effort by automating all your review requests.

Stay in control of your requests with personalization, sending delays and more.

Ready to get more client reviews and win new business?

Why Agents choose RateMyAgent

It's a great way to connect with your clients and get referrals.

Denny - Realty ONE

It helps to show potential clients what others think of you. It's an awesome opportunity for Agents to capture these thoughts / reviews on a structured platform that is user friendly.

Dedra - Cole Realty Group

Streamlining my reviews has made marketing a breeze!

Brandon - EXP Realty

*Based on the average review submission rate for Services and consulting from Frea.ai blog.